Elevate Your Occasion with Exceptional Style!

If your primary objective and goal is to enhance your event to an unprecedented level of distinction and dynamic impact. Then, look no further; Jetset’s Hangar emerges as the quintessence of sophistication, transcending the confines of the ordinary. Our unwavering commitment to excellence serves as the cornerstone, ensuring that your event surpasses mediocrity and leaves an enduring impression infused with sophistication and opulence.

Our dedicated events team unquestionably excels in every aspect, operating from the heart of Scottsdale Airpark. At Jetset, we meticulously curate this exceptional venue, Jetset’s Hangar, a majestic masterpiece set against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring McDowell Mountains. Within our portfolio, Jetset’s exclusive Hangar offers a breathtaking setting outfitted with cutting-edge audio and video equipment, presenting unparalleled opportunities to craft expos and host truly distinctive and extraordinary events.

Expo & Events

Jetset is spectacular for presenting a sensory-rich backdrop for all expos and events, award ceremonies, charity auctions, networking mixers, and VIP receptions, along with private parties and social gatherings.


Elevate any event into an extraordinary showcase of captivating visual presentations infused with allure and decadence.


The aircraft hangar’s industrial aesthetics and unique architecture offer an unmatched atmosphere not found in typical event venues.


In-depth services range from expert mixologists to specialty chefs, security personnel, and audio-visual solutions to live entertainment and valet.


Reserve your date and take the first step toward ensuring your upcoming event’s success with our dedicated team of professionals.

We have seamlessly integrated it into our service package!

On-site Security Personnel

On-Site Security creates a safe environment, guaranteeing the well-being of all event attendees.

Sound / Lighting Engineer

Sound and light engineers ensure audiovisual excellence, enhancing event atmosphere.

VIP Restroom Amenities

VIP Restrooms provide premium comfort and hygiene for distinguished event attendees.

Efficient Waste Management

Efficient waste management maintains event cleanliness, safety, and environmental responsibility throughout the event.

Cleaning and Turnover Services

Cleaning and Waste services are essential to uphold event sanitation, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere.

Expertly Curated Booking

Our Concierge ensures seamless events, attending to details and enhancing guest satisfaction.

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